PalmVNC 1.40

Control your desktop from your Palm

PalmVNC is a client for the Palm family of hand-held computers that provides remote access to your desktop PC, Mac, or UNIX workstation over a normal TCP/IP network connection.

Key features of PalmVNC include:

  • Ultra-thin client uses less than 40Kb of Palm memory.
  • VNC servers available for a wide variety of platforms.
  • Desktop displayed in colour on Palm IIIc devices.
  • Desktop displayed in 4- or 16-shade greyscale on other devices.
  • Supports server-side scaling to reduce bandwidth.
  • Can be stored in Flash memory using TRG's FlashPRO.
  • Freeware, with full source available under GNU GPL.

Take control of your PC... from your Palm!

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PalmVNC 1.40